New Improvements and Packages Coming

Thanks to our great clients, we’ve learned a lot over the last three years of building Ops Insights. In the post below we share a bit more about our plans to help serve our clients and future clients even better. 

By Brad Stancel, CEO & Founder

If you’re an existing client, you’ve probably noticed at this point that we have made some changes to the public website. Don’t worry if that is the case; you’ll still see your familiar dashboard and settings when you login using the link in the top right corner. This post is just to outline some additional enhancements we’ll be making over the coming weeks and months.


If you’re just now visiting us for the first time or are not yet a client, thanks for stopping by. Reading this post should give you a better idea of what we’ve got on the roadmap and how we are always looking to add more value for our clients, but won’t cover all the ways that we can help your business. If you’d like to find out more about Ops Insights or how we can help you, please reach out to us.


Upcoming Changes

Since Ops Insights is a technology platform that we’ve built from the ground up; we have had to spend a tremendous amount of time and energy: designing, developing, testing and finally releasing updated versions of the product. The aim is to constantly improve the product to best suit the needs of our clients. We do all of this alongside of providing the service of writing custom and base reports for our clients to use.

Since we are a small team, that hasn’t left a lot of time to spread the word about all the different ways that we can help both new and existing clients. That is about to change. With three years of constant development and a few million lines of code written and tested, we’ve finally reached a point where we can focus a little more on showing our existing clients how to get even more value out of Ops Insights than their already receiving and better illustrate to prospective clients how we can help.

What Is Going To Change?

We’ve decided to remove the public facing pages from the application itself and separate the site you are reading this on from the application itself. Now when you login you may notice that the URL you are logging into is while this site is just This change will allow us to more quickly and easily bring you useful content and support. Below are some of the additional things we’ll be releasing as part of this effort:

  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Educational Blog Posts and Articles 
  • Email Newsletter (opt in)
  • Video Tutorials / Learning Portal
  • Security and Connection Tutorials (for any IT contacts or companies setting up the secure connections)

Does This Mean That You're No Longer Developing Ops Insights and Adding New Features?

No, on the contrary. We’re still going to continue constantly developing the Ops Insights platform by adding new features and improving existing ones. Our next release will add a few new features that will be tremendously useful for our clients and for us on the backend of the application. We want spoil the news quite yet, but let’s just say that you will be able to roll out reporting to your entire company faster than any other Business Intelligence product or service out there. Make sure to check back often as we’ll be writing a post and releasing the details here.


The main difference is that now we’ll have a better/easier way to share those new features and enhancements that we’ve been making all along. The hope is that our clients and prospective clients will be able to more quickly become aware about the new and enhanced features that we’ve built and released, thus giving them even more value.

What About the New Packages You Mentioned?

As I said above, we have learned a lot since first starting to build Ops Insights. We’ve had successes and failures and have learned from both. Our philosophy is that we want to give a lot more value to our client than it costs to subscribe to us. Put another way, we want to make and/or save you a lot more money each month than what you pay us. Doing so is just good business and will ensure that you stay an Ops Insights client for a long time to come.

Being data driven people ourselves we’ve measured how clients use our system and gauge how much value they receive from a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures. As we’ve done this, one thing became increasingly clear to us. The more people in the organization that are using Ops Insights, the more value that our clients typically receive. This is not always the case, but is a general rule of thumb. We have clients where only a few people in the organization actively use it, and they receive tremendous value, but there is a correlation with client value and active users.

The problem is that we’ve been too restrictive on the user count for each package. That has the main differentiator between our different packages up until now and is something we are going to change. In short, we’ll be adding a much larger user count to each package to bring even more value to our clients. We’ll then be adding additional features that will only be available to our upper tier packages. For example, in a future release we plan to offer Single Sign On (LDAP / Active Directory integration) capabilities to our clients that subscribe to our Gold and above packages. Most clients won’t need that, but it is often a crucial feature for larger organizations.

Don’t worry though, no one will lose access to any features they already have now. You’ll still receive a plug and play Business Intelligence department (along with our web based software) all for less than it would costs you to hire a part time person to try and do the same on your own. We’re just increasing the value our clients receive even more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, or parts of it, and get a better idea of the upcoming changes and enhancements we have on our roadmap. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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