Your Turn Key Business Intelligence Department


No need to spend valuable time and resources writing your own reports. Allow us to be your business analyst department, we'll design, write, and deploy each custom report for you so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your business.

Share Reports with Clients

Communication. It can make or break the client relationship. Provide seamless communication by sharing up to date data on an agreed upon delivery schedule. Deliver your reports at the client requested time to their designated points of contact.

Library of Base Reports

Evolution. Use our turn key base reports to originate a better understanding of your organization’s strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses. Give your managers the proper tools to lead their team and provide benchmarks to fortify accountability.

Automated Report Delivery

Consistency. One of the key elements in moving your company’s vision and productivity toward its goal is to have consistent communication. Simplify this process by having automated reports delivered to your leaders and their support staff on regular intervals.

Unlimited Connectors

Unified. Most businesses today use a multitude of systems to run their operations and planning. Simplify the oversight of your business by bringing everything together in one comprehensive yet cohesive dashboard.

One Dashboard for your Entire Business


Running your business will never be easier. Simply connect your Ops Insights account to each software application that your company uses (we allow unlimited connections) and start viewing your data in a whole new way. Ops Insights allows you to pilot your business from one central location, saving you the time and frustration of marrying data from several applications.