Expert Reporting for Title Agents and Underwriters

Any of the following sound familiar?

  • Not sure which employees are productive or want to best determine where to allocate employees?
  • Ever wonder which clients you should focus on and which ones are costing you more money than they are worth?
  • Need to be informed about every aspect of your agency in real time, even on the road?

why work with us?

No one knows and implements Title Reporting better than us. 


Our employees have hands on experience working on and in the Title Production Systems that you work in every day. Getting to work with a lot of companies, both big and small allows us to see patterns in implemented business processes. Therefore, we get so see what works and what doesn't. Combine that with our technical prowess to execute and you have a winning combination.


We have written extensive report libraries for each Title Production System we support and worked with numerous clients that use those systems. That has allowed us to see how they use those systems, what works and what doesn't. It allows us to execute where others have failed.

Proprietary Technology

We built our platform, Ops Insights, from scratch, specifically to deliver on the promise to help those in the Title Industry run more profitable and stress free businesses. Rather than use a one size fits all IT software and try to apply it to you, we built in things like an entire Report Library for each TPS, Templated Roles, Standard and Custom Criteria, KPI Alerts and an report error notification system to deliver a better experience for you.

about us

We use our knowledge and experience to make data driven decisions easily delivered for you

While doing Title Production System implementations and configurations, we noticed Title Agents constantly failing at implementing business intelligence and data science. That got our wheels turning.

After analyzing why so many of those attempts failed, we built our Ops Insights platform from scratch. We used what we learned from that to build a platform that would help make title agents, underwriters, real estate law firms and others in the industry more successful.

Being able to successfully implement a business intelligence system or department in a company takes a mixture of several skillsets and bits of knowledge.

Some of those skillsets are:


  • An understanding of the client's business, industry and processes. 
  • Technically proficient in several areas. Not all technical or IT people are equal.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the types of programs used to get the job done, how those programs are used, what data gets stored and where it gets stored.
  • Translation. Executives and business people don't speak in technical terms, they speak about business problems. You need to be able to decipher what they really need, translate that to technical terms and execute on it.
  • System to get feedback on the results to make sure you are delivering what is needed.
  • Solid and easy to use delivery mechanism. It is key that you be able disseminate that intelligence quickly throughout your organization, so that it can be properly acted on to give you the maximum return on investment.

Luckily, you have come to the right place. Let us show you first hand how we can deliver all of that and more to start making your business more profitable and stress free.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

We built Ops Insights from the ground up, specifically with Title Agents and Underwriters in mind. 

Let us handle the hard work and heavy lifting for you. You focus on running and growing your business. We'll be there with the data intelligence to help you make the smartest and most profitable decisions.


Check what our clients say about us

Moving multiple title and escrow entities to ResWare presents a myriad of challenges. Ops Insights provides customizable reporting that has greatly helped us transition to our new production environment. The visibility at both a high level and at a very granular production level has helped us manage resources, maintain thresholds and drill down on initial workflow flaws. The benefits have been (and will continue to be) quantifiable. Brad, Steven and their team are incredibly responsive and provide refreshing insight. I could not imagine this transition without their service


COO - Advantage (MD), Assurance and Charter Title Companies

The Ops Insights team with their deep expertise and strong experience has proven themselves as an excellent company to work with. SETCO has been in the market for a robust reporting utility for some time now, and we’ve finally found the perfect product. Ops Insights delivers the exact information we need, when we need it. This is a fantastic product and we highly recommend Ops Insights to anyone looking to get a better insight on their business!


COO, SetCo Services

The ProcessFast team has taken the headache out of getting customized reporting for our title production software with Ops Insights. This services is prompt, professional and allows me to focus on running my business with actionable data.


VP of Operations, Advantage Title, LLC

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